Custom Data Cabling Installation

For your business or home workstation to function at optimum levels, you need customised data cabling that works for your unique setting. We connect your devices, data outlets and more to have you up and running, ready for productivity.

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Cabling Done Right

Avoid having to call in the repair guy by getting your cabling done right from the get-go. Our expert cablers will get you connected and help you stay connected with colleagues and clients through our sophisticated networking solutions. Connect any network, big or small, in a way that is both aesthetic and practical.

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AVIT Solutions promises an unprecedented service when it comes to your voice and data cabling projects.

Masterful workmanship

Forget about tangled wiring that can cause tripping and electrical faults. Our workmanship is top of the range and preferred throughout Northland.

Quality materials

The materials we use in data cabling installations are premium quality and will not wear out or fray.

Ongoing maintenance

Other data cabling installation companies in Northland may leave you in the lurch, but we stick around for ongoing maintenance and support.

How We Keep You Connected

Voice and data cabling

Durable cables

Safety is priority

Supply and installation excellence

After care repairs and maintenance

Server rooms, racks and enclosures

Patch leads and communication cables

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